Sorrel writes about coaching to help distill her own thoughts and simplify them. She shares her writing in the hope that it will provide resource and be useful to others. 

neuromyths from Sorrel Roberts

Myth busting and musing on the meaning of life…

If you are a Coach or a person who happens to have an interest in personal and professional development, I hazard a guess that you have heard of the Reptilian...
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imposter syndrome

When the words we use to ‘help’ do more harm than good

Take ‘Imposter Syndrome’…if you read my recent diatribe against getting out of your comfort zone – you’ll know I promised I’d take this one on next. 
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lump of dough - photo from unsplash

Get out of your comfort zone. Actually, don’t!

Get out of your comfort zone. No!!! Don’t! It’s a terrible idea, especially the way in which this insidious suggestion is suddenly everywhere we look.
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How are you? No, really?

I wanted to ask you how you really are? Because I know I’m typing emails, having quick conversations with people, conversing with my family – all these things sometimes snatched...
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psychologies magazine

Facebook Live for Psychologies Magazine

I took part in a Facebook live event with Psychologies Magazine to discuss how we can all creatively ride this wave of uncertainty.
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visual facilitation

The JOY of Visual Facilitation

Last month, I did Jon McNestrie’s Visual Facilitation training with Barefoot Coaching – and feel compelled to share this secret with you – improving your visual communication is easier than...
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brockwell park

An Ode to Coaching Supervision

Safe space to explore Understanding self in service of others Pause with purpose Expanding our education Restorative in all manner of ways Vulnerable and willing to share Individual and shared...
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broken pottery - Image Credit: Kintsugi: Florence Blatchley

There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in

In the inimitable words of Leonard Cohen “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in”. Thoughts about broken pottery and the Barefoot Coaching Winter Conference… Last...
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The Coach's survival guide

The Coach’s Survival Guide – A review

If you know exactly what you’re doing and have it all sorted then don’t read on!  If you have some considerations, confusion, curiosity about what might work in building your...
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