Sorrel writes about coaching to help distill her own thoughts and simplify them. She shares her writing in the hope that it will provide resource and be useful to others. 

Tate Modern

Coaching Skills for Family Life

What does this picture say to you? Technicolor joy, fragmented and discordant, something else?  Families – their joys and challenges are as unique as the people in them.  The role...
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barefoot coaching

“Don’t just think it, ink it” Jackee Holder

I love learning, writing and believe in investing in my own professional development, so attending Jackee Holder’s Write Yourself well – Creative Therapeutic Writing in Coaching and Coaching Supervision CPD day...
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think inside the box - sorrel roberts

Think Inside the Box

‘Think outside the box’; ‘blue-sky thinking’; or most recently overheard and current least favourite ‘let’s popcorn some ideas’. I’m decidedly allergic to these phrases – seeing them as clichéd nonsense....
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llamas - unsplash

How to calm a llama?

Such is the eclectic mix of people on a Barefoot Coaching Ltd PG Cert Coaching Course – that a lunchtime conversation between a civil servant, an alpaca small-holding owner/international woman...
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a tangled web

Are you stuck in a tangled web of overwhelm?

Sometimes I have so many simultaneous and interconnected thoughts that I have no idea where to begin. The picture that comes into my mind is Spiderman shooting out so many...
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what is coaching

What is coaching?

On consecutive days last week I found myself producing an explanation of what coaching is for Ella’s Kitchen where I provide maternity & paternity coaching and being asked what my...
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tree stump

Scaling Mountains (or tree stumps)

I wrote this 4 years ago…and happened upon it again today, and it’s still a pretty accurate description of how I see coaching…. I was stood in front of this...
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A Day in the Life

First published on Barefoot Coaching:  Training as a coach can be a life-changing learning and personal development experience but what is life actually like once the training is over? We spent...
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happiness in 2018

Why I don’t wish you happiness in 2018

Ok, so that’s not entirely true and I do of course hope that you experience happiness in 2018 – however, the quest for ‘happiness’ increasingly seems to me not quite...
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