supporting parents in work

Supporting parents in the workplace

Families can be so many things, and even the word ‘family’ means different things to different people, they are places of love, laughter, joy, fun, noise, chaos, grief, fear, anger, falling out, forgiveness and so much more. The roles we play within them can engage, delight, frustrate, and challenge us….

The role of parent is undoubtedly the most important job I have ever had, and will ever have. And yet, there’s no preparation, there’s no manual, there’s no onboarding, there’s no appraisals. It brings me enormous highs and lows, delights, surprises and shocks me. Sometimes I feel strong, capable and even occasionally like I’m getting it right, and other times I feel angry, exhausted, and utterly ill-equipped to deal with the challenges it throws at me. 

Last week I spent three days deepening my knowledge of coaching skills for parents with the fabulous Kim Morgan of Barefoot Coaching and a wonderful cohort of fellow coaches. It was thought provoking, challenging, supportive and deeply practical. Unlike many parenting books and advice, this programme does not advocate a one size fits all approach. It draws on a wide and varied selection of sources that Kim has brought together from over 25 years’ experience of people development, and her experiences of what universally works to make great leaders, successful individuals, productive teams, happy families, outstanding organisations and brilliant coaches. As with all the best coaching, this programme allows individuals to find their own answers to their own challenges. It allows space to think, sharing of wisdom, support and challenge, practical ways forward, commitment and accountability. 

I wish my workplace had provided this when I was a new step-parent, when I was struggling with the challenges of returning to work after my second baby, at the times when I felt that I was just surviving and, with a bit of support, could have been thriving, it would have been invaluable. I’m so grateful to have these tools now and excited to share them. If you would like to know more about how this programme works and how it could benefit you and your workplace, please get in touch