The Coach's survival guide

The Coach’s Survival Guide – A review

If you know exactly what you’re doing and have it all sorted then don’t read on! 

If you have some considerations, confusion, curiosity about what might work in building your business as a coach then basically read this book! If you are curious about what I believe the book might give you then read on…

This book has the potential to provide you vital support, thinking frameworks and sustenance in all of the following phases of building your coaching business:

  • Establishing
  • Developing
  • Surviving
  • Sustaining
  • Thriving 

It’s ironic that in an industry which at it’s core is about helping people find their own solutions to their own questions there is a multitude of advice about how you should construct your business. Every other LinkedIn request I receive is from someone offering to source leads or get you to a £InsertMassiveSum month. In this book Kim Morgan doesn’t do that. 

What she does do is:

  • Generously share business knowledge built on really observing and noticing what does and doesn’t work based on 30 years of coaching experience
  • Share coaching models which are a practical and useful lens to help you think about your unique business and what YOU want it to be – you can also use these helpful frameworks with your clients
  • Address the thorny issues of credibility and confidence and how to build these – in a way that works for YOU
  • Use real examples that bring this to life – more than one coach I know has seen themselves in the book – this normalisation of the challenges is reassuring (and amusing)

From thinking about the mechanics of your business to how to deal with limiting beliefs (your own and your clients) to how to look after yourself and sustain yourself in a role in which we give a lot of ourselves – it’s all there. 

It’s deceivingly slim – but rather like Mary Poppins’ magical bag it is jam-packed with practical, applicable gifts. 

If I could give a physical gift to a coach starting out – this would be it.