What people say

Oh my gosh. I feel like my spotlight was the most intense 25 minutes I am going to have all week/month. You helped me face up to my reality today. It’s so weird. I have been walking round in a fog of ‘what I havent done’ all year and actually I have been doing it all along. I am a business owner on a journey… Thank you for helping me clarify…

Alexena Collins - Group Coaching

I recently worked with Sorrel for help in thinking through some specific areas of my professional development and professional life. Throughout the coaching, Sorrel was focused, supportive, challenging, clear and flexible. She helped me get clarity on the issues I was facing and identify solutions, strategies and strengths that I could use to address them. It was a great experience!

Emily Nevins, Campaigns Director at Amnesty International – 1:1 Coaching

Coaching with Sorrel was a very interesting journey of exploring my needs and my wishes and helped me have techniques and tools to deal with situations. It’s a time you rarely take yourself to think about where you are going and Sorrel is a very good at pulling things out of you and making you think. As a result I’m clearer about what I want and what will work for me.

Sophie Aroutcheff – 1:1 Coaching

All coaches should see a coach, every now and then. I was feeling a bit ‘stuck’ and unsure what I needed to do in order to move forward with my coaching career. I had a couple of sessions with Sorrel and she helped me to untangle my thoughts as well as to take a different, more positive, perspective on what I have achieved so far and what I have to offer. Sorrel is a great coach. It was worth every penny and I am now enacting the strategy she helped me to devise and it’s all going well! Thanks, Sorrel (I will probably be back).

Louise Rodgers, Eidyia Ltd, Director – 1:1 Coaching

I really enjoyed working with Sorrel and she helped me to clear the fog that had descended as I transitioned from my employed role to being self employed. Sorrel’s approach of kindness intertwined with directness and a sprinkling of humour helped me to understand the limiting beliefs that were in danger of tripping me up before I’d even started. Her knowledge of her craft is immense and her practical application of sometimes quite complex theories was greatly appreciated. She helped me to move to a far calmer, more constructive state of mind.

Nicola Bowyer – 1:1 Coaching

I came away from our meeting with clarity on what I want to do, new ideas of how to sell myself and also ideas on how others might perceive me. Thank you. You helped me to see more clearly.

Career Changer – 1:1 Coaching

Sorrel and I have worked on 3 key areas: Confidence, Focus and Leadership. I wanted to understand how others saw me professionally, how I might engage more effectively with them and to put an action plan in place for future engagement. The process has been engaging, challenging, fun and extremely helpful to me. Sorrel is focused, engaging and skilled at exploring areas which are often difficult or challenging within a safe environment. I would highly recommend Sorrel.

Safeguarding Manager, Guide Dogs for the Blind – 1:1 Coaching

Sorrel was very good at helping me to reframe things enabling me to see obstacles differently therefore being able to approach challenges and situations constructively. Sorrel’s coaching style is very supportive and effective and I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about making changes in their lives.

Film & TV Actress – 1:1 Coaching

After my maternity leave I elected to come back to work part time and my job changed to accommodate this. After three years of being back at work, I was ready to take on new challenges yet found that my role was going nowhere and some work overlapped with that of other staff. Sorrel was great at helping me think about where my strengths lie and the aspects of my role that most appeal to me. The organisation was going through some change and because Sorrel had helped me hone in on where my role could be most useful and give me job satisfaction, I was able to articulate this and some small changes to my job description and management have made a really big difference. I found Sorrel to be intuitive and empathetic. She was a calm and sensible sounding board and her advice practical and effective.

Events Project Manager, Comic Relief – 1:1 Coaching

The other woman were so supportive and everyone truly listened to each other it really did give me the shift to be able to think differently about what I was doing. Having outsiders not emotionally involved in your everyday life, was a relief and they highlighted things to me or questioned my thoughts, helping me see things that I wouldn’t have got to for a long time, if ever. On top of directly what I gained it was such a learning that I loved, listening to all the other woman, hearing their concerns and seeing (and hearing their strengths), being able to support them without being emotionally involved. It gave me motivation and reassurance.

Emma Stevenson, Yoga Teacher – Group Coaching

I first worked with Sorrel as a coach in 2015. She is warm, engaging and has a unique ability to help clarify my thinking. Sorrel really listens and uses her intelligence to help me be the best I can be. Her coaching style is one where I feel at the centre of her attention with a clear eyed focus on how I can understand myself and my environment better. I look forward to this ongoing journey.

Carolyn McDonald, Coach, Mediator, Consultant – 1:1 & Group Coaching

Working with Sorrel was great, she really helped me to uncover areas in my life that have been affecting my growth and my time with her has equipped me with practices that have changed my outlook and my life. I would definitely recommend Sorrel.

Anon, Maternity Leave – 1:1 Coaching

Sorrel helped me prepare for a big meeting. She helped me see my strengths and boosted my confidence when I needed it the most. The meeting was very successful and I’ve been enjoying the results ever since!

Ruth Thomson www.ruthlouisethomson.com - 1:1 Coaching

I have worked with Sorrel on multiple assignments and as well as being a highly skilled coach, I would like to highlight her consulting and facilitation skills. Sorrel has advanced analytical capabilities which means she quickly gets to the heart of complex situations. She brings a real clarity of focus and clean language to create recommendations that make a transformative difference. Her people and communication skills create a safe and purposeful environment for workshops and group facilitation, enabling deep enquiry with a light touch. Her strong personal values mean that working with her is always a positive team experience. She is courageous but caring and keeps things simple and fun; qualities I really appreciate in helping clients address culture, mindset and behavioural challenges.

Andy Loveless, Director, Pecan Partnership - Facilitation