happiness in 2018

Why I don’t wish you happiness in 2018

Ok, so that’s not entirely true and I do of course hope that you experience happiness in 2018 – however, the quest for ‘happiness’ increasingly seems to me not quite the holy grail it has been purported to be. To me happiness represents something ephemeral and fleeting that can’t be clung to. I’m far more interested in contentment – when happiness percolates down and settles in your bones and stays there in a residual state.  

To my mind, contentment stems from knowing yourself, your values, your motivations and what’s important to you and living in accordance with those. If all that is clear to you, then it is that much easier to make decisions, seize opportunities, face challenges and to know what is ‘right’ for you – all contributing to that state of contentment. 

Coaching can help you get clarity on all of those factors that can contribute to that state of contentment. I love working with people on identifying what makes their work and life work for them. If this sounds like the kind of support you need and want to increase your contentment in 2018 and would like to know more about working together then please get in touch sorrelroberts@gmail.com 

And please tell me, what do you favour happiness or contentment?